“Three solutions to every problem: Accept it, Change it or Leave it”

“Three solutions to every problem: Accept it; Change it or Leave it”. I am quite agreeing with this quote. These three solutions are the best method to live happily or guilt free. If something uncontrolled or beyond your limit then just accept it. If you are not satisfied then take the bold step and no matter what change the situation. Or if nothing works then leave it no need to consume your energy to deal with the problem. Well, these three solution hides biggest secret in itself, to live life happily.

 Accept it, gives the sense of surrender against the situation.  all right, If we do surrender so does it means our failure? I would say no, surrender or acceptance is not failure. If something happened which is not in our hand or uncontrollable such as death of loved one or some natural hazards like flood or tornado or accident. Then, instead of accusing our fate we should compromise the present situation and accept it. “Why this happen to me” kind of mentality is not going provide any solution to the problem besides its makes the situation more worst.  Accept the situation and move on  can be keep us alive.

Change it, if we are not happy in our current life. Such as job is not satisfactory or getting bad outcomes whatever we do. So take a bold step and change the whole situation. If you decided in your heart and mind I will change my life or I don’t want live like a looser. Change the situation but change  needs tools like positivity in thoughts, self-confidence and lots of encouragement. with these tools anybody can come out  from any situation.

Last but not least is leave it, here I would like to give my personnel example of my life,  when I went to the  university I initially I choose the computer science major. I took that because on that time I thought, this kind of major makes my future bright and successful. After having trouble in doing programming assignment, soon I realize I am not for the computer science. But here again my ego come and I thought,  is I am running away from the situation? So, I kept working with computer science major but still no success. Then, I thought, is I am wasting my time or year? I talk to my advisor said, ” world is not end at computer science, there are other majors which can also give you the future security”. So, I left the computer science major and took the another one. Now I am very happy and more satisfied. If something gives you continues pain or suffering better to leave it. Life is very short so why waste. 



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